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Yes.  In your home, in mine, whilst transporting your pets and whilst exercising them.

Pet and House Sit Service was launched to provide a sought-after service for the South West (UK) where pet and/or home owners can locate a reliable and trustworthy pet and house sitter.

1. The first step is done, you've found a trustworthy, diligent and caring pet and house sitter in your area to care your your pets and home.
2. The second step is to contact me (Mobile: 07480712958 or email: or use the booking form to see if I'm available for your required dates and to arrange our initial meeting to get to know each other.
3. The third step, during our initial meeting we'll determine what you expect of me, see if we all (pets included) suit each other and make firm arrangements for dates and times for the assignment. Not just the length of time you'll be away, but times for the start and end of the assignment.

If we're all happy, I'll hand you your client pack so you can take it home to read through, alter and complete the forms to your specific requirements ready to sign the contract and start the assignment.

If you cannot be at home for an important delivery or for a vital tradesman’s visit arrange for me to drop by. I will 'wait in' your home to supervise a delivery, visit or work by tradesmen entirely to your instructions then either secure the property and leave; or wait until your return to hand over your keys. i can keep in touch with you with progress reports throughout.

A minimum booking period of 1 hour plus mileage applies. If you're going to be delayed for any reason, please let me know, I'll be happy to stay on till your return.

Peace of mind - pure and simple. Please see my Reviews and star ratings from other clients - see what they think of my service. Reviews can be found near the top of the right hand column of most pages.

If you want a proper job done you're better off paying for it. A paid sitter has only your pets and home on his/her mind, they are more reliable and dedicated.

Consider your requirements:
1.  How long do you need cover and what you would like done while you're away.
2.  Will they be tempted to abandon your pet/s and home for a night out or have friends round for a party?
3. Can you trust them to care responsibly for your loved ones and most valuable assets?
4. Would they walk your dog EVERY day come rain or shine?
5. Would they wash and dry the dog after his rolling around in mud, or something worse?
6. Would they feel a bit 'put upon' if it's more often than a one-off request?
7. Are they willing to agree to most/all reasonable requests?
8. Would they do as good a job as a professional?

Trust is a HUGE part of pet and house sitting. I hold a I have a current CBS/DBS certificate and am Fully Insured For added security, I’ll be in your home for at least 21 hrs a day – with lights going on and off, curtains opening and closing at irregular intervals and no tell-tale post, parcels, milk or newspapers left on the doorstep to alert the local ne'er-do-wells that your home is unoccupied.

I’m extremely trustworthy, honest and diligent. All instructions agreed between us will be carried out to the letter for the entire time you’re away – be it a day, a month or so or somewhere in between – your pets, home, possessions and garden will be looked after to the best of my ability. Please see my Reviews and Ratings near the top of the right hand column to see what other clients think of my service.

I will phone or text you each day adding photos where possible so you can be completely reassured that your pet and/or home are still as they should be.

I have a simple pricing system which is laid out on my Pricing page

As the pet/home owner, you should carefully consider your personal requirements and expectations. It is your responsibility to explain your criteria clearly and agree the terms in a written contract.

Every situation is unique; however, I have included the USUAL standards of a general assignment for your review and completion before the assignment takes place. You can add and remove points to fit your requirements.

I can accommodate other light-weight jobs whilst in your home, there's no harm in asking!

I have a Client Pack which covers virtually all eventualities - all parts of the pack can be adapted to your own specific requirements.  You'll be given your client Pack at our initial meeting so you can have everything the way you want it before we both sign the contract at the start of the assignment.

Your Client Pack comprises the following:

1. Client Information Sheet
2. Home Information Sheet
3. Pet Information Sheet
4. Preferred Tradesmen contacts
5. Service Agreement
6. Veterinary Release Form
7. Service Evaluation Form

All but #7 must be completed and signed where necessary before the assignment begins.

It's best to let me know your required dates as soon as possible. I'd hate for you to be disappointed should you find that I'm unavailable when you submit your booking!

For a quick head's up, please check the calendar at the top of the Booking Form. For other enquiries before making your booking, please use my Contact Me page. Remember, the calendar may say I'm fully booked for a specific period, but if I have pets boarding, there may well still be space for yours. I can take up to 2 walking pets or 2 cages of pets at any one time.

Unfortunately, I have found that I must do. The sooner you cancel your booking, thereby allowing the possibility of another booking taking its place, the less you'll pay.

Cancellations MUST be sent in writing. Use the Contact Me page.
If you cancel in the following time frames:
   4 weeks or more you pay NO cancellation fee.
   Between 3 and 4 weeks you'll be liable for only 25% of the total fee.
   Between 2 and 3 weeks you'll be liable for only 33% of the total fee.
   Between 1 and 2 weeks you'll be liable for the entire total fee

YES, of course!
I use your information for core business purposes only and never pass this information on to ANY third party. You have the right under the Data Protection Act to have a copy of any information held on you.

I protect my computer system from unauthorised access using up to date firewall, anti-virus and malware etc technology and for added security, as soon as I have the information needed for your assignment I remove the information to a separate backup hard drive NOT linked to the internet and, using an intensive deletion programme, erase all your personal data from my networked computer.

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