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The Pet Sit Service is a reassuring and inexpensive service which enables you, without worry, to leave someone caring, responsible and trustworthy in charge of your pets, in your own home, while you are away.

There are many reasons why you might need a pet sitter. You may need somebody to care for your pets while you are travelling for business, while you are in hospital, on an extended family visit, on holiday or have to be absent for any other reason. Whatever the reason, you can count on me as your pet and house sitter! It works brilliantly for pets who are stressed by the change of environment that kennels or catteries entail, and/or suffer from separation anxiety so they can't be left alone between visits. Your cat will be better served by remaining in his/her own territory and your dog won't be advertising the fact that you're not home by barking at all hours which will help deter burglars and keep your neighbours happy!

Sending your pets to kennels or catteries is, of course, an option,. However, current thinking is that pets left in their home with a caring sitter is far more conducive to the pet's well-being and happiness.  We've all heard the stories about kennel cough, tummy problems and upset pets.  None of this applies when you have your pet stay at home with a caring sitter.  Although as the sitter I'm 2nd best - I'm not you after all - it's kinder to your pets to stay in their home with their normal routines, usual food at the usual time, walks in places they know and by having familiar things and smells, around them - not to mention 24 hour care rather than a quick 'look in' by a busy kennel maid.

All instructions agreed between us regarding the care of your pets - feeding, medicating when and how necessary, walking, other exercise, attention and cuddles etc. before the assignment will be carried out to the letter for the entire assignment – be it a day, a weekend, a fortnight, a month...

I treat my client’s pets as though they were my own by offering love, affection and attention and by keeping their normal routines and rules. If your pet is normally allowed in every room and on every bit of furniture in your home that's what I'll allow. If on the other hand, there are rooms or places they're not allowed to go, your rules will be strictly adhered to for the entire time I'm caring for them.   Any pre-existing vet appointments, doggy parlour appointments etc. will be kept.  Any health problems requiring a vet will be dealt with using your preferred vet as quickly as possible,

Rest assured you can safely leave me in your home to care for your pets and respect your home and possessions which will provide you with a worry-free break .For added peace of mind I have a current CBS/DBS certificate and am Fully Insured

I will happily send you a text or email with photo update each day and/or keep a diary of events for you to read when you return. I can easily be persuaded to have a cooked meal awaiting your return - let me know if this is required during the assignment - I might need to get some shopping.

Regardless of which of my services you choose, you'll come home to happy contented pets as they will have been looked after by someone who really does care.

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